Quickbit Card and Quickbit App

Quickbit App and Quickbit Card simplify the use of cryptocurrency

Quickbit is launching an app, Quickbit App, and a debit card, Quickbit Card, which will simplify the use of cryptocurrency. We are lowering the threshold to something that may be perceived as complex, but which is basically easy to use. With the App, users can easily buy, sell, store, send and pay with cryptocurrencies. Using Quickbit Card, users can conveniently pay with cryptocurrencies everywhere debit cards are accepted, online and in a physical store. The App and the Card will be launched in selected European countries in late February or beginning of March 2021.

Quickbit App

We are launching the Quickbit App, the app which simplifies the use of cryptocurrency in people’s everyday lives. Quickbit App is aimed at all people – both at those who already use cryptocurrency but above all at those who have not yet discovered all the advantages. Through our App, people can buy, sell and store cryptocurrency in a simple and secure way. Thus, it is just as easy to send money to family and friends across borders and without expensive fees or to exchange between traditional currency and cryptocurrency. The launch of the App will be made on both iOS and Android.

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Closed beta launch in March 2021

Quickbit Card

Through the Quickbit Card, we now give everyone the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies online and in physical stores in more than 100 million locations worldwide. The Card functions just like a regular debit card, the only difference is that our card is connected to a digital wallet containing cryptocurrency instead of being connected to a bank account. The Quickbit Card can be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay and also supports contactless payments. All of this makes it easy to pay with a mobile phone. Those who use our Card must choose themselves what currencies may be used, which makes it convenient to pay with local currencies when travelling.

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Will be launched after beta launch of Quickbit App