1. Strong and sustainable growth in sales and profitability

During the past financial year, sales continued to almost double from about SEK 2.3 billion to just over SEK 4.6 billion at year-end. Meanwhile, during the past year, gross profit also increased by just over SEK 80 million to slightly more than SEK 142 million. Operating profit also doubled and amounted to just over SEK 95 million at year-end.

2. High return on equity

The key ratio return on equity shows how high a return the shareholders have received on their invested capital, the equity, and thus how profitable the company is for its shareholders. For Quickbit, the return on equity amounted to just over 65 percent during 2019/2020, which is a high level for most companies – irrespective of sector.

3. Scalable and profitable business model

QuickBit’s profitable business model allows a strong increase in net sales and profitability without needing to make larger investments. The business model allows geographical expansion without larger costs in order to acquire new customers in new countries and market segments.

4. Product launches secure leading market position

Quickbit works in a focused and purposeful way on developing, and launching, new solutions and products with the aim of reaching more users and to give Quickbit access to a significantly larger market. The launch of physical and virtual debit cards (Quickbit Card) and a mobile app (Quickbit App) is a first step in broadening the business model which will further strengthen Quickbit’s leading position.

5. Cryptocurrency – the payment method of the future

Cryptocurrency is advancing strongly. The trend of increased interest and demand is continuing. More and more global companies are choosing to offer cryptocurrency as a payment method, which is driving increased usage. The media’s interest in cryptocurrency is increasing and laws and rules are gradually starting to be harmonised. Everything indicates that this development will continue. Quickbit is at the centre of this development.

6. Quickbit – one of few listed crypto companies in Sweden

Today, a total of about 900 companies are listed on all regulated and unregulated marketplaces in Sweden. Of all these companies, Quickbit is one of the only few companies which is fully exposed to cryptocurrency. An investment in Quickbit is thus the only alternative for investors who want exposure to a Swedish company whose success is based on increased use of cryptocurrencies.