Share capital

On 31 December 2020, Quickbit’s share capital amounted to SEK 884 607,36 distributed on 88,460,736 shares. The quota value is SEK 0.01 per share. Each share entitles to one vote at shareholders’ meetings. All shares entitle to equal participation in the company’s profits.

Share capital development

Datum (registration)EventChange in number of sharesChange in share capitalQuota value (SEK/sahre)Total number of sharesShare capital (SEK)
13 June 2016New formation500,000500,0001500,000500,000
27 Mar 2017Share split 1:104,500,00000.15,000,000500,000
3 July 2017New issue196,62519,662.500.15,196,625519,662.50
4 Aug 2017New issue37,5003,7500.15,234,125523,412.50
26 Oct 2017Share split 1:1047,107,12500.0152,341,250523,412.50
9 Feb 2018New issue1,400,00014,0000.0153,741,250537,412.50
29 Mar 2018New issue600,0006,0000.0154,341,250543,412.50
12 June 2018New issue4,000,00040,0000.0158,341,250583,412.50
20 Mar 2019New issue1,375,00013,7500.0159,716,250597,162.50
23 Sep 2019Directed share issue5,000,00050,0000.0164,716,250647,162.50
30 Sep 2020New issue3,000,00030,0000.0167,716,250677,162.50
31 Mars 2021Exercise of warrant20,744,486207,444.860.0188,460,736884,607.36