Business model

Quickbit offers an ecosystem of solutions, which make it easier for people and companies to use cryptocurrency on an everyday basis.

Our history is in payments and through our affiliate solution we have been a leader in developing solutions for a growing need among e-merchants. We will continue to offer solutions so that all merchants – physical as well as online – irrespective of sector, can receive payment in cryptocurrency. What is new is that we are now positioning ourselves to take the next step – to also develop solutions targeted towards consumers. For us this creates increased opportunities for growth when more people and merchants in more markets use our solutions.

We are broadening our business model by creating solutions where people can pay, and merchants can receive payment, in cryptocurrency. Our users can also carry out exchange transactions and transfer cryptocurrency to other users. This is what we call an ecosystem of solutions. In every transaction in this ecosystem, independently of whether it is executed by consumers or merchants, Quickbit generates revenue and thus profitability.