Profitable and sustainable growth 

During the years since our foundation we have grown strongly. We have also been profitable during a large part of our existence. We are now taking the next step in our profitable growth journey.

Our solutions are not limited by country borders, which means that we can expand geographically at a high rate to all markets where cryptocurrency is allowed. This means that more people and merchants in more markets can use our solutions. We will also achieve growth by continuing to develop attractive solutions that everyone wants to use and that make a difference in everyday life. In this way, we will enable as many people and companies as possible throughout the world to use cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Our business model is scalable and is fundamentally profitable. This means that we can grow at a high rate without making major investments, which means that we can continue to be profitable even while growing strongly. The investments we make will primarily be focused on developing new solutions, which in turn generate increased revenue. We can also grow by acquiring other companies or entering into partnerships in order to further strengthen our market position and offer. Growth and profitability are important in order to generate a return for our owners for their long-term confidence in us.