The sector’s most attractive employer  

We shall be a leading-edge employer that attracts the best people. For us, it is important to be able to recruit the best competencies at the rate we wish in order to continue developing market-leading solutions. We are doing this by building a strong brand, offering a modern and flexible workplace combined with opportunities for all employees to develop as they want. We are building a culture which is inclusive and stimulating, where new thinking and innovation are encouraged. It is a workplace where everyone feels challenged, where everyone identifies with our vision and feels they play an important part in achieving it. Our cross-functional teams are creative and provide scope for everyone’s different perspectives, experience and ideas.

Every employee can grow in their role or gravitate towards other positions that fit their goals and ambitions better. Everyone shall feel that their specific competence is appreciated and valuable. We also welcome people with different skills and personalities. Courageous people. Curious people. Geeky people. Visionary people. People who want to be part of a unique journey where every individual is important.