Market-leading global brand  

We shall create a global brand and be market-leading in payment solutions with cryptocurrency. The overall goal is that our brand shall be synonymous with cryptocurrency. Our brand platform is based on our solutions – it is with them that we build credibility for our brand but also for us as an employer. To succeed with this, we need to be innovative in our development, packaging and marketing of our products. It is just as important that we create user experiences that feel secure and simple.

Our brand shall represent an ecosystem of solutions based on blockchain technology. By developing easy-to-use and secure financial services based on blockchain technology, we create added value for a broad target group. Meanwhile, we shall educate our users and thereby build credibility for cryptocurrencies and confidence in using them. Our solutions shall be designed for use in everyday life, our customers should be able to use cryptocurrency in the same way as they currently use traditional currency. In this way, we can lower the threshold for people to start using cryptocurrency and thus generate more new users.