Strategy – an introduction

Solutions that reduce barriers

We are curious about new technical solutions, especially within blockchain technology.  We are driven by, and see it as our mission, to develop the payment solutions of the future with a user experience that is simple and that everyone feels secure with in order to manage their finances.

In order for people and companies to be able to use cryptocurrency more in the future there are challenges that we want to find solutions for. One of these challenges is to make it easier for people and companies to use cryptocurrency. We are doing this first and foremost by developing solutions that are secure and easy to use. We are also doing this by educating our target group and thereby creating greater confidence in, and increased understanding, for using cryptocurrency.

Merchants want to receive payment in currencies and through payment methods that consumers use and demand. This means – if we make it easier for consumers to use cryptocurrency, increased demand will be created by them, which means that more merchants will want to offer cryptocurrency as a payment method. That is why it is important that we develop solutions for both people and companies. This creates a positive spiral of increased demand for payments with cryptocurrency.

Clearly-defined priorities for the future

We have now determined what is important for us, what we should focus on in our day-to-day operations. This is what should be summarised in our new strategic focus. We believe that the strategic priorities are crucial to our continued success. In such a strong growth phase as Quickbit is now in, and has been in, it is extra important that we have a clear plan that can support us in the future.

We shall increase the number of people and companies that use cryptocurrency on an everyday basis. We shall achieve this by having a presence in more markets while at the same time continuing to be profitable. We shall be innovative so that we can continually develop new solutions and products that change everyday life. Not just for merchants but first and foremost for consumers. We shall attract and retain talent. Capable people shall naturally want to join us to be part of our journey. We shall be market-leading and create a brand that everyone knows and that is associated with cryptocurrency.

We are convinced that these priorities are key to our continued success and to our aim of achieving our vision and mission.