Innovative financial services that change everyday life 

Our history is in payments and we are driven by our vision that it should be easy and cheap to make quick and secure payments. Through our current solution, we have created the possibility for e-merchants in certain segments to receive payment in cryptocurrency. The end users are the individuals that buy cryptocurrency but our services were previously only targeted towards e-merchants. Now we shall take the next step – to also develop solutions that are targeted towards consumers.

We will develop simple and secure solutions, for example, for executing payments, transfers and currency exchange transactions. Looking ahead, we expect that people will use debit cards connected to cryptocurrency for all their day-to-day purchasing. Going forward, we also expect that transfers and foreign exchange transactions will take place using cryptocurrency. Quite simply – we shall make a difference in people’s everyday lives by developing solutions that everyone will want to use. In the same way, we will also create more opportunities for all merchants, physical as well as online-based, to receive payment in cryptocurrency. We shall develop solutions that reduce their costs and that provide them with more customers who want to pay with cryptocurrency.

We are doing this because we are convinced that the financial services of the future will be based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Therefore, we shall create an ecosystem of financial solutions based on cryptocurrency, which together will make it easy and natural for people and companies to use cryptocurrency on an everyday basis.